Newsletter no 7 (19 January) 2016-17


NL65ABNA0580598128 –
This is the school bank account number for paying the parental fee and other payments.

First of all, we would like to wish you and your family a wonderful 2017 on behalf of everyone in Oranjeschool.

Skills for Kids After the holidays, two new activities have started now: for groups 1 and 2 a theatre lesson and for groups 5 and 6 a lesson in Chemistry. Additional information is available through Skills for Kids internet site: or through email.

School(yard)rules and regulations (reminder):
– Do not smoke at the fence or on the school yard
– Do not ride your bike on the school yard
– Do not park on sidewalks in the streets
– Do not block traffic in the street when bringing your children or picking them up from school.
– Only soft (soccer) balls are allowed on the school yard
– At 8.25am: first bell, second bell at 8.30am!!! The time that lessons actually start. When too late too often: the department of Leerplicht will be informed.
– Differences in opinion? Make sure to leave these at home and talk these through outside the school or the school yard!
– Healthy treats!
– Enjoy a nice year with health and happiness.
Picking up children: Parents of all children need to wait on the school yard (except of the infants).
Treats Lots of children hand out treats. Please make sure the treats are healthy? Candy cannot be handed out; it will be given home.
Holidays 2016-2017
Spring holiday 27 February- 3 March 2017
Good Friday and Eater Monday 14-17 April 2017
May holiday 24 April -5 May 2017
Ascension weekend 25 and 26 May 2017
Pentecost 5 June 2017
Summer holiday 10 July-18 August 2017
Study days, days off for children: Monday 8 May (with May holiday) Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 June (including Pentecost weekend)and then back to school on Thursday 8 June
School trip: 27 June for groups 1-6 (approximate fee; €25.00)
WERKWEEK between 13 and 17 February (the amount for workweek will be €115.00, another 5 weeks to save the amount) Groups 7 and 8 receive additional information about the trip. Before they leave, the children will receive a lesson at Museon. A lesson will be taught on the history of the place they will visit (Wilhelminaoord near Vledder).

Bicycles of groups 7 and 8; please make use of the racks at the gymnastics hall.
Please contact the teacher if you are interested in guiding the children to the swimming pool; when more parents help out we will be able to make a schedule. We have arranged bus transport for the children, which needs to be paid for. This is an amount of €24, we would prefer it if it could be paid into our school bank account NL65ABNA0580598128. We want to thank you in advance.
Lunch hour and its payments
Cards for lunch can still be bought with Ms Hanny every Tuesday and Friday. It goes without saying that we appreciate payments through our school bank account. (NL65ABNA0580598128). Please mention your child’s name and group and of course that the payment is being made for overblijf. For an entire year it will be an amount of €180 for bovenbouw (groups 5-8). For six months this amount is €90 (which is cheaper than buying separate cards) For onderbouw (groups 1-4) the amount for an entire year is €140. It is no longer possible to pay for one single time only. A card of for instance €5 will last for quite a while. When you made a payment for an entire year (or for 6 months) the teacher will be informed about that and when another payment is due. Arrears in payments? It is only possible to spend the lunch hour at school when arrears have been wiped off. Parents/ care-takers will be informed through a letter when arrears occur.
Schoolmaatschappelijk werk – Social worker related to Oranjeschool (SMW)
At school on Wednesdays in the morning and Thursdays in the afternoon. The social worker related to our school works confidentially and free of charge. Contact details: Annemieke van Mulligen
Phone: 06-41726944 e-mail:
In group 4A Ms Anouk replaced Ms Jessica’s maternity leave. Together with Ms Elise she has been with the group as of 9th January and this will be the case until May holiday. Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the children have Ms Anouk and after the holiday we hope to see Ms Jessica again.
In group 5 Ms Margreet will be there for the children on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Ms Hendri on Thursday and Friday. Until Ms Elise Pronk returns from her maternity leave. She will then start working Thursdays and Fridays.
In group 7 Ms Debby returned from maternity leave and will be working on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesdays the children will have Ms Dagmar.
Monday 16 January, Ms Marga will be back in Taalklas, when Ms Marga will not be there on Thursday on acount of a class or day off Ms Dagmar will replace her.
Taalklas 2; Monday- Wednesday Ms Djoyce and on Thursday and Friday Ms Kim. In group 3, Ms Marita will replace Ms Joyce for a number of weeks, since Ms Joyce also has ICT issues to solve.
Infants: Zeehondjes; this week, we said goodbye to Ms Patricia and like to thank her and wish her lots of luck with her movement to Belgium. Ms Astrid will remain working on Monday. For Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Ms Nathalie will be available. Both you and the children already had the chance to meet Nathalie, since she was in the group as of 10th January. We also like to welcome Ms Deborah van Zaanen, who will support the infant groups on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. For some of you and some children she is a familiar face, since she also works at Zagazoo (after school care).
Welcome at Oranjeschool for all new colleagues.

The Ukkepukkies
Monday 16 January: starting theme Hatsjoe!
Monday 23 January: start signing in for the annual clean-up mission. If everyone would help out, we will be finished in no time. 
Tuesday 31 January: Library visit for children with parent. Group Rood: at 9am, group Geel: at 10.15 am group Blue: at 1pm. With every visit we expect one guide for every child. If you will not be able to make it, please arrange for someone else to take your place.
Activities for Spelinloop until summer holiday 2017.
Tuesday 17 January for all groups
Wednesday 25 January for group Rood
Friday 27 January for groups Blauw and Geel
Are there still brothers and sisters of children attending Oranjeschool who have not been signed up for Ukkepukkies just yet? Please remember to do so on time, so we will not have to disappoint anyone.

This is the letter that we could not print last week.
Enjoy your week