Newsletter 17th March 2015

in the course of this week we will finalise the theme called Around the world. The icing on the cake will be the circus performance held on Tuesday 24th March next in the gymnastics hall.
Afterwards, we will continue with the theme called Eropuit (going out). We will be camping at a farm and take a closer look at what spring has to offer us. Were you aware that on the farm located in Stompwijk called ’t Geertje the baby lambs have already been born? This is a nice day out for the family. The animals can be touched by children. At times it is even possible to feed the baby goats with a bottle. (for the small fee of €1)
Farm ’t Geertje, located at
Geerweg 7 in 2381 LT Zoeterwoude.
You could prepare your child on the theme with help of the paid app called Bas op de kinderboerderij (at the child farm) (€0,99). The app helps you to enlarge your child’s vocabulary. Should you later on visit the child farm you could also take pictures with the same app and add spoken comments. At home or at school you child will be able to tell the story to grandparents or the group. The library provides number of books around the same theme. Should you find an occasion we like to recommend the book called Hoera, we gaan naar de kinderboerderij (Hooray, we will visit the child farm). A book written by Marianne Busser and Ron Schröder, with nice pictures and an amazing story. Reading is very important to improve language skills and we all know how important that is and most of all, very nice to do as well!
Many thanks to the members of Ouderraad; our school looks amazing.
Wednesday 18th March the elections have been planned (for Waterschappen and regional departments). Our gymnastics hall will be polling station again. This day the lessons for gymnastics will not continue and also the extended school day will not take place.
Reminder Dogs are not allowed in our school and on our school yard as well. We make an exception when a child has a public speech with his or her pet as topic.
Buying lunch cards. Ms Hannie is available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The only days that it will be possible to buy the cards.
Easter celebrations Thursday 2nd April we like to celebrate Easter in church and at school. We like to welcome you to join in celebrations. We like to ask all the children to come to school and like to walk to church together. At 9am we like to start the church celebrations with the children. All children spend the lunch hour at school, since we have a special lunch at school in Easter atmosphere. At 2pm the children will start with their (extra long) Easter weekend, since the children have the day off on Tuesday 7th April as well, since the teachers will be busy with a study day. We have another study day planned for 18th May next.
Report cards So far, you have been used to signing in on the list for report card discussions. This time we like to do it differently, we will hand your child an invitation with the date (30th , 31st March or 1st April) and time in the afternoon or evening.
Skills for Kids, extended school day at school, final period
As of September we (SkillsForKids), have co-operated with Oranjeschool in after school activities. For the next and last period we like to offer a different and challenging number of activities. For infants we have planned for hiphop children of groups 3 & 4 will enjoy a lesson in chemistry, children of groups 5 and 6 will enjoy photography and children of groups 7 and 8 like to enjoy Graffiti Art. It is possible to register online at notice and click on “BLOK 3”, in the top right corner. You will find additional information and the registration form to fill in and send (by email) You will receive an email with confirmation of your registration. We hope to see children that are enthusiastic and nicely filled groups. Should you have additional questions, please do not hesitate calling us at 070-850 9955.
After two succesful performances we like to continue with the choir. Should you be in groups 5-8 and you still like to join do not hesitate contacting Ms Lidia. In church we were lucky to be helped out by Ruben Knoester, who guided us. It would be nice to have someone guide us more structurally. Should you be that person to guide us, please let us know!
Practical and theoretical traffic exams for group 7 Friday 17th April, in the afternoon children of group 7 and children in Taalklas of group 7 will need to bring their bike to school. Would parents be available to bike along? Please let the teacher know if you could. Thursday 16th April, the theoretical traffic exam will be planned. It would be nice if all children would pass their exam at once. VVN has a nice app available that could be used with phone or tablet. The official practical exam will be on 26th May next. Remember to bring your bike then as well. If parents would be able to bike along then, please inform the teacher. Thank you in advance.
Watoto – mission Every 3 months Ms Ilse empties the saving boxes in the groups and so far, the groups saved a nice amount of about €300 for Watoto. The first time it was group 5 that saved the largest amount in school and this time it was group 3 that took care of the largest amount!
Lice check
We are still free of lice. Unfortunately, not free of nits. The groups that were involved have received a separate letter. Please remember to check their (wet) hairs. The next check will be 1st April next. Our school has been free of lice for quite some time. This is because the children get checked regularly at home but at school as well. Would you be willing to help us checking please contact our school management or members of OR.

School trip: Thursday 30th April 2015 will be the day: the annual Oranjeschool school trip! This time we will visit amusement park Drievliet. The school trip will expenses will be estimated at €25 per child. You will receive additional information as soon as possible. It is not necessary for you to let us know that you will be able to guide us just yet, we will inform you when we know more about that. The school trip will be for groups 1-6. Groups 7 and 8 will not join.
last week We visited the playground with parents and children. Soon we like to visit the child farm, since it is now time to take a closer look at the baby lambs on Wednesday 1st April. It goes without saying that the weather needs to be nice.
We are busy preparing a parental meeting with the theme called HOORAY, I will be two-and-half . The meeting will not be held until next school year, but please keep it in mind. During the information evening you will receive much information that you might need during the time you have a toddler.


Activities for spelinloop schedule around theme called Circus
Tuesday 24th March for all the groups. Keep in mind! This is the theme closure, so it would be nice if you could join. It will take a little longer than usual.
We will have the ten minute talks soon. Meaning, that you will be able to register for a talk about your child’s progress that will last 10 minutes. The talks will be planned on Monday 30th, Tuesday 31st and Wednesday 1st April. Please sign-in on the lists we hung in the hall.
Monday, 18th May the playgroups will all be closed, so the may holiday will be a day longer.

We wish you a nice week!